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Life Insurance

Life Insurance helps you in saving and securing  your family

Career Building

Here we are to provide you the best quality in career building

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is an arrangement between insurer and insurance policy holder.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is taken to secure your life from accident or from any disease.

Mediclaim Insurance

Medicliam Insurance is helpful during your any hospitalization expenses.

Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle Insurance is taken to secure your bike, car, trucks from accident.

What Is Life insurance?

Life insurance is just an agreement between an insurer and insurance policyholder that if a policyholder pays some amount of premium then in return he or his family will get the claim amount after his death or when maturity time period is completed. A  policyholder can pay the premium amount regularly or the lump sum.

Why is it useful?

Life insurance is useful because it offers you the best benefits during your life and you should buy Lic policy because it secure your life, by this you will be able to save your money and the major benefit of life insurance is protect your family future in your presence as well as in your absence. if you will feel safe then you will be able to live freely.

What type of policy to choose?

Choosing a life insurance policy is a complex task but we are here to help you out in choosing the best plan or policy for you and your family.                                    

Every life insurance policy differs from the other life insurance policy, each policy has its own benefits and characteristics which are already designed and created according to customer needs.every policy gives you the best at everything in your life.

1. Insurance Plan
Insurance plan is that plan which secures and covers your family from adversity time.
2. Health Plan
Under health plan, you get secure from an accident and from health-related diseases.
3. Special Plan
Under special plan only term insurance is defined and cahracteriosed.
4. Pension Plan
Under Pension plan, you and your spouse get the lifetime pension.
5. Unit Plan
Under unit plan you get New Endownment plus plan for yourself and for your family .


Suprime Wealth

Invest Rs. 5.81 Lakh once Get Guranteed Pension of Rs. 88,754 after 20 Years & Family Fund Rs. 49 Lakh from LIC

Doctor Plan

Save Rs. 1000/- Daily for 9 years Get Rs. 1 Crore/ TAX FREE after 21 year.

Happy Retirement

PAY Rs. 15,940/- per Month for 30 Years Get Guaranteed Pension of Rs. 4,80,000/- every year for life time with Family Fund of Rs. 4.78 CRORES.

Bhagya Sukh

Save Rs. 113/-Per Day For 25 Years & Get Rs. 1,00,000/- P.A. Pension For Lifetime & also 10 Lacs on Retirement With 20 Lacs Risk Cover For Lifetime Loan, DAB & PDB

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