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Which plan to choose
Choosing any plan is totally depends on you and your requirements, each plan varies from the other plan and it also depends how much you can pay for the premium more premium more benefits.
How much have to be paid to become an LIC agent?
You can become an lic agent by spending just 652 rupees. for more information you can contact us.
Which plan should choose for children?
The best plan for children are



these two plans are best for your children future.

After death of insurer in how many days insurer family will get the claim amount?
If you complete all the paper formalities on time then you will get the claim in 15 to 30 days. there are two types of claims early and non- early claim.

under early claim it take about 3 months to receive claim and under non-early in one week or even in just one day you can get the claim.

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