Min Basic Amount Assured: Term 9 year- 35,000
Term 12 year- 50,000
Term 15 year- 70,000

Max Basic Amount Assured: No Limit

Min Policy Time: 9 years

Max policy time: 15 years

Min Entry Age: 15 Years

Max Entry Age: Term 9 year- 66 year
Term 12 year- 63 year
Term 15 year- 60 year

Max Age at Maturity for Life Assured: 75 years

Premium Payment Mode: Single Premium


1 Survival Benefit: Term 9 year- after 3rd & 6th policy year, 15% of Sum Assured
Term 12 year- after 3rd & 9th policy year, 15% of Sum Assured
Term 15 year- after 3rd,6th,9th & 12th policy year, 15% of Sum Assured

At The Time of Maturity- Single Premium Paid + Loyalty Additions if any

2 Death Benefit: on death during 1st five policy year- sum assured only

On death after completion of five policy year- sum assured + loyalty addition if any

3 Surrendered Value Benefit: the Policyholder can surrender his policy at any time during the policy term the only realization of the premium cheque

4 Loan Benefit: After completion of one policy term year then loan facility will be available

5 Income Tax Benefit: Tax Rebate is available when you pay the premium under this plan section is 80c.