………This is a limited premium paying term conventional With-Profits Endowment Assurance plan where premium paying term is less than policy term by three years.

Min Basic Amount Assured: Rs 1,00,000

Max Basic Amount Assured: No Limit

Min Policy Time: 13 years

Max policy time: 25 years

Time of premium payment: 3 Years

Min Entry Age: 18 Years

Max Entry Age: 50 Years

Max Age at Maturity for Life Assured: 65 years

Premium Payment Mode: Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly, Yearly

The benefit of Accidental Death and Disability Rider is applicable on payment of additional premium.


1 Survival Benefit: Basic Sum Assured + Vested Bonus +FAB if any

2 Death Benefit: Sum Assured + Bonuses and final additional bonus if any. Paying manner

10% of the basic sum assured would be equal to the annual income benefit.

Assured absolute amount of 110% of basic sum assured with bonuses and final additional bonus on maturity if any.

3 Surrendered Value Benefit: the Policyholder can surrender his policy at any time during his policy term but the condition is that three full years premium is paid.

4 Loan Benefit: After payment of premium for three full years than you can use loan facility.

5 Income Tax Benefit: Tax Rebate is available when you pay the premium under this plan section is 80c and under sec 10(10D) maturity is free for this plan.